Our Process

Trust and traceability has always been the backbone of The Believe Club mission statement, as we feel many successful brands are lacking
the most crucial parts of information for their consumers, the lab results or C.O.As (certificate of analysis ).

So many well-known brands have stated their products have been tested, however when following further investigation, there was no information backing their claims and statements.

We conducted our own lab tests on a wide range of products from different brands, to see what was actually ‘under the bonnet’ with some shocking results. A few purely contained olive oil with no CBD present.

At this point, we realised we wanted to take a standpoint and provide a sustainable and transparent supply of premium hemp-derived CBD with a wide range of other cannabinoids present at the highest quality.

We want to deliver purity at a consistent level, but to achieve this, it goes down to a variety of factors: The farm, the lab, the scientists, the quality assurance and thorough testing and the valued team that make up The Believe Club.

A Club full off passionate people who are doing this for a reason and that’s because we love making a difference to people’s lives.

We will leave you with one final question for you, tell me how many brands you’ve seen illustrate an image or any evidence of the farm where the hemp has been sourced from? Shouldn’t they be open about this?

We set The Believe Club to be significant from the start ,filling the critical gaps all the other brands are missing

Our mission is to make a difference we’ve done the hard work lets make a difference together!

Why We Use CO2 Extraction Methods?

While there are many other methods that could be used, especially if we wanted to cut corners, it is clear that the CO2 extraction method provides the highest quality end result, therefore this was a no-brainer for us.

It might come at a steeper price, but the supercritical CO2 extraction provides a cleaner and healthier end product, releasing any undesirable substances such as chlorophyll.

Throughout our entire product range, you will find this method chosen, so we can rest assured we are bringing the greatest quality products to market.


While there are many methods that can be adopted for extracting CBD from the raw hemp plant, both for big brands or for homemade methods, the one we would recommend looking for is Co2 extraction.

This is the most expensive method for good reason, yielding the greatest results through supercritical heating.