Trust and Traceability

Trust and traceability have always been the backbone of the Believe Club. We felt so many successful brands are lacking crucial bits of information for their customers lab results or Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Despite these so-called successful brands stating their products have been tested, there was no concrete information backing this up. As a result, The Believe Club decided to actively investigate by carrying out our own lab tests on a range of products from different brands to ascertain the contents of their products.

It is important to note that both internal and third-party lab tests are a crucial move towards compliance. They are also a requirement by the Food and Drugs Agency (FDA)

Whereas some products passed the test, we were in for a shock. Some were simply olive oil!

At this point, we felt the need to fill the existing gap by being significant and providing a sustainable and transparent supply of premium hemp-derived CBD with a wide range of other cannabinoids that are of high quality, with consistent purity.

We hold the view that buying CBD products should be as easy and safe as buying a loaf of bread; you know what you are getting. Brands can efficiently achieve this by meeting or exceeding the international food safety standards.

Rest assured that all The Believe Club products are subject to stringent internal and independent third party quality and regulatory compliance testing.

Pioneering Excellence

It is commendable to put your best foot forward from the start. That is precisely what we did at The Believe Club. In an industry as young and transformative as ours, a strong beginning is not only essential but crucial for the growth of the industry.

Our founders understood we were launching more than a business - we were on a mission to make a difference. The responsibility was upon us to get it right. So from the first day, science and compliance ruled.

From the onset, we researched to understand our product with the aim of attaining international food safety standards - a move that guaranteed high-quality products to our customers.

Since excellence is not an act but a habit within our organisation, science and compliance still rule. It is clear; we have set out a distinctive path towards excellence. We stay true to this value while working tirelessly to ensure we offer all our customers highest quality CBD products in the industry .