What Makes Us Significant

  1. Cannabis saved my life which is WHY The Believe Club was created to make the best Premium hemp products that you can trust having this purpose behind the brand bonds us with our products and consumers
  2. COMPLIANCE We have submitted various dossiers to be compliant with F.S.A ( food standards agency ) for the mandatory novel foods application
  3. DEPTH OF VISION leading the way with transparency , consumers deserve to be able to check what’s in their products, that’s why we link lab results on all our products
  4. OPEN ABOUT THE FARM our hemp is organically grown on U.S. HEMP AUTHORITY ACCREDITED FARMS Other than ours how many brands you seen illustrate an image or any evidence of the farm where the hemp has been sourced from? Shouldn’t they be open about this?
  5. Not just compliant with UK standards ,The Farm has earned several badges of honour, having been certified by the following reputable domestic and international regulatory

    Agencies: Brand Reputation Compliance Global Status (BRCGS), Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), Certificate of Kosher Pareve, Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS),The National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) submitted through Association for Cannabinoid Organisation (ACI)- Novel Foods Consortium for the Cannabinoid Industry

  6. BRAND OF CONTRAST Pioneering the way with compliance, trust and transparency. We hold a view that compliance in farming and products is not a marketing message but a federal requirement.