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CBD Broad Spectrum Oil 3000mg

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  • 30ml precise and consistent levels of CBD, CBG, CBC, CBD-A, terpenes and flavouring.
  • Approximately 5mg per drop, 100mg per full dropper.
  • There are approximately 20 drops of liquid in 1ml full dropper.
  • A typical starting point is 25-30mg.
  • General wellness 25-50mg.
  • Organically grown at The Believe Club Farm.
  • Internal and Third party lab tested for potency and purity.
  • Zero THC (non-psychoactive).

How to use

  • Place up to a full dropper under tongue.
  • Allow to absorb for 90 seconds.
  • Consistency is key for success.

    Book a free consultation or check the website if concerned. 

    • All natural made from organic U.S certified hemp
    • All our products are GMO free
    • 3rd party lab tested, to ensure that the CBD dosing is accurate and exactly what we state and to make sure free from chemicals and harmful toxins
    • All our products are vegan friendly

    Product Description

    Broad Spectrum MCT Hemp Extract

    CBD Type: Broad Spectrum CBD

    COA: Available Online

    Our Broad Spectrum MCT Hemp Extract takes a unique approach to CBD products with 0% THC. Organically grown in the fertile US soils and manufactured in UK, this oil is formulated with the highest quality premium broad spectrum hemp extract includes CBD, CBG, CBD-A,CBC then blended with MCT oil for easy absorption.

    The unique blend of hemp cannabinoids and select terpenes results in a fast-acting, highly potent product that provides relief and soothing benefits, making it ideal for pain and soreness.

    The oil is a top choice for beginners and veteran CBD users.

    It comes in a potency suitable for all your wellness needs.

    We ensure rigorous internal and third-party lab testing on all our CBD oils to check for heavy metals and pesticides while ensuring consistency, potency and safety. It is specifically designed for those looking to experience all the possible health benefits of hemp without the influence of THC.

    Completely pure and free of additives, this oil is manufactured under strict quality standards. This way, we ensure every product that gets into the hands of our customers delivers an entourage effect for the most potent benefits. It has been billed as a dietary supplement ideal for supporting your wellness regimen.

    How To Use

    Our Broad Spectrum MCT Hemp Extract is designed for use in many ways- you can add it into food and beverages for long-lasting relief. Users who need near-instant relief are encouraged to take the oil sublingually for a fast onset of effects.

    Ingredients Benefits

    • This Broad-Spectrum CBD product makes it easy to introduce CBD into your daily routine to experience all its effects as well as MCTs' powerful health benefits.
    • MCT protects CBD from being broken down completely by the digestive tract. It swoops CBD and delivers it directly to your bloodstream for enhanced effects.
    • CBD possesses pain-relieving qualities, helping you get through the day or enjoy a relaxed sleep.
    • The select terpenes and essential cannabinoids work in synergy to keep you balanced, regardless of what you stumble upon in the day.
    • It comes with an entourage effect that promotes healthy recovery from exercise and daily stresses.
    • It enhances focus while delivering a sense of calm.

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