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CBD Muscle Gel

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  • Our broad-spectrum CBD muscle gel is formulated to soothe sore muscles gently and joint pain- just massage the gel onto the affected area and let it work.
  • It is extracted from pure organically grown hemp and blended with carefully selected botanical extracts to provide a cooling sensation while relieving muscle and joint pains.
  • Fortified with natural pain relievers, this cooling formula rapidly absorbs to provide relief at both the surface and deeper muscle levels.
  • Each bottle contains a broad-spectrum CBD extract with a host of beneficial cannabinoids and essential terpenes, making it a potent, natural alternative to other muscle gels, often blended with chemical perfumes and additives that often don't provide relief and clog pores.
  • All natural made from organic U.S certified hemp
  • All our products are GMO free
  • 3rd party lab tested, to ensure that the CBD dosing is accurate and exactly what we state and to make sure free from chemicals and harmful toxins
  • All our products are vegan friendly

Product Description

Made To Help You Keep Doing What You Love

This CBD muscle gel is absorbed through the skin to provide you rapid relief without leaving the greasy residue associated with other pain gels. It is carefully formulated for easy absorption through different layers of the skin so that it reaches the affected areas to provide you soothing benefits and long-lasting relief from pain and discomfort.

Ingredient Benefits

  • Cannabidiol- CBD possesses anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, making it an effective tool for athletes. It promotes faster muscle recovery and relaxation. Its anti-inflammatory effects may also effectively reduce swelling and pain.
  • Magnesium Sulphate- helps relieve a variety of ailments such as sore muscles, cramps, and stress.
  • Coconut oil- it possesses anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial for sore muscles and can even help with back pains. It is a natural pain reliver and muscle relaxant.
  • Shea butter- overextended muscles are often affected by inflammation and stiffness. Shea butter anti-inflammatory compounds make it a perfect ingredient to soothe sore muscles and help with joint pain.
  • Cocoa seed butter- cocoa seed butter is an anti-inflammatory. It is absorbed well without leaving your skin greasy and has been shown to effectively ease itching while allowing the skin to heal after a flare-up.
  • Avocado oil- possesses anti-inflammatory benefits that relieve pain. It's also a rich source of the antioxidant vitamin E, and its Omega-9 fatty acids encourage blood flow to your muscles.
  • Peach kernel oil- has anti-inflammatory properties; it is excellent for massage and provides soothing benefits.
  • Evening Primrose oil- because of its anti-inflammatory properties, evening primrose makes a perfect ingredient in this gel to reduce pain severity while improving mobility. It also helps alleviate morning stiffness.
  • Pomegranate seed oil- it suppresses inflammation, reduces joint tenderness, swelling and helps with pain.
  • Argan Kernel oil- possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may help reduce pain and improve physical movement.
  • Olive fruit oil- Extra virgin olive oil reduces inflammation and helps with joint pain.
  • Rosehip seed oil- is an abundant source of both polyphenols and anthocyanin. Polyphenols and anthocyanin have been shown to significantly reduce inflammation. It also possesses vitamin E, which is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory benefits, thereby calming irritation.
  • Lemon peel oil- the fragrant essential oils in lemon peel are effective in relaxing blood vessels and providing anti-inflammatory benefits, making lemon peel oil helpful for joint and nerve pain.

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